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Matching capital to unique property-backed opportunities to create sustainable value for our clients

At Investec Property Capital Partners, we match capital from clients to unique property-backed investment opportunities.

We stand for:

Unique investments, funds and products focused on a variety of risk and return profiles backed by property with strong fundamentals.

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Property Funds


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Creating long-term, sustainable value

Our main objective is to create sustainable value for our clients. We do this by delivering superior risk-adjusted returns over the long term.

We structure, execute and manage these investments by drawing on our extensive network, on-the-ground property expertise and asset management capabilities. We look to partner with best-of-breed operators in property asset classes and geographies where we don’t have the necessary expertise.

  1. Identify

    Identifying and sourcing unique property-back opportunities.

  2. Structure

    Structuring investment opportunities efficiently.

  3. Partner

    Where necessary, partnering with best-of-breed property operators globally.

  4. Execute

    Drawing on our property expertise to execute investments.

  5. Manage

    Using our asset management capabilities to manage property assets.

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US multifamily investment opportunity

Investec Property Capital Partners unlocks access to the US multifamily (for-rent residential) property sector.

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